Uncontested Divorce: This means that you and your spouse have an agreement regarding the issues of your children and the division of your property and debts. Your spouse can sign a waiver and does not have to be served.

Contested Divorce: This means that you and your spouse do not have any agreement on the issues of your case. Your spouse will have to be served. The closest thing we have in Texas to legal separation is temporary orders. These are the rules you live by during the pendency of the divorce. There is a hearing and the judge determines temporary custody, child support, visitation, medical insurance coverage for the children, and temporary use of house and cars.

If you would like to discuss your potential divorce with us, we have a downloadable information sheet for you to fill out.

Please right-click on the link and choose "Save As..." or "Save Target As...", (depending on what your broswer indicates...) Divorce Information Sheet.

This will save the document to your computer, where you can then go and fill it out and email it to eaphillipslaw@gmail.com to us. Once we have received the information then we will contact you to discuss the information, procedures, fees and next steps.
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